The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one's self. Maria Montessori

Centre Tour Centre Tour

Please contact us to book a tour of our centre. During your tour, you will be given information about our programme fees. Tours are conducted at 1pm or after 5pm weekdays apart from Wednesdays.

Orientations Orientations

Once you have viewed our centre , you are required to submit a waiting list application online. We will then send out an enrolment offer online, and finalise the enrolment process electronically before 2 orientation sessions are arranged.

Enrolment Requirements

All enrolments will require families committing to dropping their child off by 9.15 a.m. in the mornings. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel your enrolment in the event that this condition cannot be met.

The following are other requirements for individual classes.

2.5 year old (siblings only) & 3 year old Kinder:

Offered if there is a vacancy and at the Director’s discretion Minimum 2 days

4 year old Kinder (Funded only):

Children enrolling into our prep program - Minimum 3 days

Prep Program: (First year of Primary School):

5 days full time

Priority Entrance for Prep Program:

  1. Confirmation of enrolment in Cycle 2 at Mitcham Primary with a commitment to our 3 years cycle 1 program (2 days for 3year old kinder, 3 days minimum for 4 year old kinder and full time during prep year)
  2. Confirmation of enrolment into our 4 year old funded program.
  3. Siblings of (1.) with enrolment confirmation letter for Cycle 2
  4. 3 year old enrolment with confirmation to enrol in BMEL's state funded 4 year old program.
  5. All other enrolments

Please note that siblings will only receive priority entry if they continue to Mitcham Primary School's Montessori Program only. All relevant paperwork must be presented to ensure your child's enrolment is secure at BMEL. We appreciate honesty and ongoing commitment to Montessori Education.

Mitcham Primary School Cycle 2 Enrolment:

If you are interested for your child to continue Montessori Education in Mitcham Primary School, please ensure you arrange a tour as soon as possible. Please ensure you have secured a spot in our Cycle 1 program, with a proof of letter available as well as your child's immunisation before initiating enrolment with Mitcham Primary School. For more information about the school please visit

Enrolment Policy

To be considered for enrolment, families must:

  • Pay a non refundable fee of $50 to go on our waitlist
  • Pay $100 bond within 7 days, upon accepting an offer to enrol (Mitcham primary enrolments to pay $500 bond)
  • Attend enrolment interview after securing your child's enrolment to discuss and acknowledge enrolment conditions
  • Attend 2 scheduled orientation days ( Child comes in independently)
  • Be prepared to pay full fees (2 weeks advance payment) following your child's orientation if your subsidy has not come through.
  • Commit to dropping your child at BMEL by 9.15 each morning
  • Provide 4 weeks written notice to withdraw your child's enrolment (for Mitcham Primary enrolments, at the end of 3rd year cycle ) to be eligible for a bond refund.
  • Acknowledge that if your child is absent on his or her last day on enrolment, you will bear full fee as for this day.
  • Bond refund will only be applied 4 weeks after your child's last day, after your account has been balanced with no debt owing.
  • All families will be provided with access to our online portal prior to your child's orientation. This is to encourage you to read and understand our policies before hand and ask any questions you may have throughout your child's enrolment with us.

Please note that BMEL reserves the right to cancel your child's enrolment should you fail to meet the enrolment conditions. Please refer to our Cancellation of Enrolment Policy.