the bmel team


Valaree is the owner and director of BMEL. She graduated from Melbourne University with her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and also qualified in dance and music. Upon discovering the Montessori method by chance, she completed her Diploma in Montessori leadership and practice with MWEI. She has been assessed by VETASSESS and recognised as an "Exemplary" Early Childhood Teacher.

BMEL Teachers

The educators employed at Bilingual Montessori Early Learning go through rigorous
pre employment interviews and reference checks to ensure that we only employ
teachers who truly embrace the Montessori philosophy.

Our teachers hold
necessary qualifications mandated by law such as the following:
  • Bachelor or Graduate Diploma in early childhood education
  • Masters in early childhood education
  • Diploma in early childhood education
  • Montessori Diploma or Graduate Diploma

All teachers at BMEL are required to attend regular training to stay current with our teaching practices.

Cycle 1 Teacher

Shannon is our wonderful early childhood teacher who is responsible for planning and implementing our Cycle 1 Montessori program at BMEL. Previously a Cycle 2 primary school teacher, she comes with a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to inspire and learn with our children. Shannon brings in beautiful ideas from Montessori and Steiner philosophies, making our program one of a kind !

Cycle 1 Assistant

Dishani is another wonderful and supportive team member who supports both morning and afternoon programs at BMEL. Originally from New Zealand, Dishani shares with us the New Zealand culture as well as her love of baking!

Bilingual Teacher

Hearing your child coming home and speaking another language is not only amazing but a wonderful gift we believe we can provide our children with. Serena our bilingual and Montessori teacher plans for our mandarin program and teaches our children common nouns, songs, the Chinese culture in fun and engaging ways to making learning exciting. Our capable bilingual teacher is not only qualified in Montessori, but also a qualified Kindergarten Teacher who also plans and deliver our Montessori Cycle 1 program.

Assistant Educators

Cherish the multitasker is our "can do" educator who supports both morning and afternoon program as well as making sure our ELC is organised, inviting and well resourced. She started her early childhood journey with us as a trainee in 2018 and has since graduated from her course.

Norma is another assistant educator who plans for the early starters Montessori program. She hold her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and supports our Montessori program in the Morning and afternoon.

Anita is our trainee who has just begun with us in 2019. She shares with us her many talents especially Baking!
She plans and bakes yummy birthday cakes for our children.

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